Friday, December 21, 2012

the End is Now Special Party

So it's the end of the world today,I was told some days ago
-a really hilarious idea of the new age merchants !
I'll relax and anticipate for the spectacle as I have nothing  to loose....
for the occasion  at home we are having  a  party with music,food and dance  and at the end of the day , family and  friends  we'll  say  goodbye,it was nice as long as it lasted we love each other  and we have already arranged  a meeting  for tomorrow in the next dimension.
seriously now if not today surely soon there won't be any future for the human race  if we  remain so blind and greedy and don't realize that  living on this magic planet  is a right and a privilege, where every life is precious and all built  on that.
till tomorrow comes,a small  collection of righteous reggae and gospel sounds mostly,for your end of the world it loud and heads up.

Babylon  you are over

for eternity's records:

01-Shalom Youth choir - Countdown
02-Willie Williams-Armagedeon Time
03-Skanky ft. Simplefx-La planète
04- Earl Sixteen-Babylon Walls
05-Bessie Griffin & The Caravans - Let Us Run
06-Soweto Soul Gospel Singers-Nantsi Ngola
07-U-Roy - Babylon burning
08-Anzala, Dolor & Vélo - Ti fi la ou té madam
09-Culture-Revelation Time
10-12 Apostles Church Choir- Izindaba
11-Sizzla-Babylon homework
12-Black label band - Sura mbaya
13-Zojojo I Su Grupo di Tambu- Salvador del munde
14-Yasus Afari-pands of Babylon
15-Daara J.- Babylone
16-Amadodana Ase Wesile - Zingandidakumbisa Na
17-Spiritual Singers Ntsamina-Wey a tsumo ma
18- Marion Williams & The Stars of Faith - When I Lay This Body Down
19-Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Moçambique ft. Mingas- Elisa Gomara Saia
21-Rafik Ganja-Babylone 2


  1. The circle will be unbroken : )

  2. There is no end, not today, although maybe is seems like a simple solution, but we are not getting out of that on that easly, we will have to work our way through, as the brother said onward forward...

  3. I'm really enjoying the end of the world with your music! ;) Thank you!

  4. thank you Andrea,feedback always welcomed and appreciated