Friday, December 28, 2012

Fadal al Kareedi

I  loved this tape from Yemen from the first notes,and it only gets better with every next song
I'm  passing  it over for  those of you who will really enjoy it
no  information or track names as usual
just  first rank galloping vocal passion  and superb technique on the oud
comes with many thanks to mushmir for sharing

infakaratuk sadeek


  1. Dear Nauma,
    in fear of becoming the complaining type: my browser has problems finding the right page. Is there perhaps a misspelling in the url? I am looking forward to this one: with or without Qat Yemeni music is usually good in taste and hard to find.
    Gracias y Aloha

  2. blij zijn Lola
    with or without Qat do not miss that

  3. Nauma - this IS a great tape. It just draws you in & suddenly you find you want to listen again & again, and tell everyone else to listen too! If only I had some idea what the songs were about... Big thank you to you & to mushmir for giving us all the chance to enjoy this one :-)