Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ensemble Gabusi des iles-Les Comores

gabusi from the archives

a very brief  story
of a travelling instrument 


  1. hmmm, your download site is not so user friendly. I scribbled so much captiva that i'm half blind and the only results i get are new pro-gambling pop-ups.
    And that is a pity 'cause you have an excellent taste!

    Warm greetings in cold weather

    1. I couldn't stand feeling my friends tortured and ending (half) blind just because of unfriendly compensate I added another link in a seemingly friendlier place.
      Let's hope this time you'll get warmer Lola with less effort.
      I'm afraid that we are running out of friendly places lately -packupload is down today as for catchafire and rabidshare are out of any question.

    2. it is true. Rabbit share is horrible. Mediafire still works for me. ADrive is current favourite.
      Well, more important: merci beaucoup!
      I really dislike al the letter puzzles i have to fill in to get something in motion. But life is to short to not enjoy it.
      Thanx again
      Salut, Aloha en Tot Ziens!

  2. as long as the fire is burning...

    we wont get cold...

    : )

  3. In Madagascar island this instrument is also known as 'kabosy'...

  4. What a fine album - thank you! At times this is very reminiscent of Madagascar - as slj3 notes! - but while that is a good thing, even better is that this is always uniquely not quite like anything from the mainland! Thank you indeed!!