Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ousmane Sacko & Yakaré Diabaté

Hommage à Ousmane Sacko, le " Rossignol du Khasso"

follow the river's flow for the next 19 minutes:

and for 5 more in front of the most famous curtain in Mali:




  1. Sorry if I'm asking a lot.

    The song is in the old style, the tempo is very slow.
    You know the year?
    The musicians sound like some in my videos, do you know the names?
    Any ideas on Abdoulaye Tandia, receives King honors.
    In minute 12:26 talk in Wolof in honor to Oumou Njay, then honor phrase for Diapy Diawara (the producer).

    Sorry too curious. !

  2. I'm sorry that this time I will disappoint you ngoni
    apart from the obviously old style sound (70's?) /slow tempo I have no recording date nor the names of the musicians to provide.The guess that they must be the same as in your videos must be right.I searched for information about Abdoulaye Tandia before posting and in his case the net could provide nothing of worth.I can only guess and I might be wrong...
    so the mystery remains!

  3. I wanted to comment on this for a long time ... until almost forget

    Ousmane SACKO Voix, Yakaré BIABATÉ Voix, Sira DIABATÉ Voix, Bakary DIABATÉ Kora, Saki DIABATÉ Guitare, Brahima KOUYATÉ-BATHILY Guitare, Brahima KOUYATÉ BRIN Balafon, Aly WAUGUÉ Flûte, Sidiki CONDÉ Djembe.
    [Source : http://www.lamediatheque.be]

    do you have/want the Vol.2 of this Bolibana album?
    Let me know
    Cheers ;)