Sunday, September 23, 2012

África Negra

In the early 1970s a butcher from the town of Sao Tome (the capital city) named Horacio, and his friend Emilio Pontes decided to start a music group. Whenever Horacio could get away from his butcher shop, he would meet Emilio in the town of ‘San Guembo’ (located 3 km from downtown Sao Tome), and the two
would kill a few hours playing guitars and writing songs. The two friends quickly pulled together the first lineup of musicians who, in 1974, would officially become known as the ‘Conjunto Africa Negra’. The group’s greatest hits were built around the melodic and languid lead guitar playing of Imidio Vaz, the steady rhythm guitar of Leonildo Barros, and the raspy voice of Joao Seria.....

The 1980s were the high-water years for the Conjunto Africa Negra. The group performed frequently throughout Sao Tome and Principe, made regular trips to Portugal, visited Angola nine times (touring across Luanda, Benguela, and Cabinda provinces), and were a huge success in the Cape Verde Islands. It was through their constant performing that they perfected their version of Sao Tome Rumba, what their fans call ‘Mama Djumba’ music....

and sure it is  a serious cultural crime against yourself  to still ignore this fine band ...
go  to Lola Vandaag for Africa Negra 83

and then come back for Madalena meu amor
or  the other way if you prefer  

Madalena meu amor 

 their trademark love song for  Alice 
is just below


  1. So Horacio was a butcher! That explains this killing music! Thank you for this one, although i did not manage to download it. Vous devez vous rendre sur cette page afin de télécharger ce fichier. is the message i get. So pardon my French, but i am not sure what that means. If i click the link on that page i create a loop in the timespace continuum.

    Avec les sinceres salutations de Lola

  2. The download link does not work - please reupload! Apurva from Pune, India.

  3. " you must visit this page to download the file"
    which doesn't make any sense as we are in the d/l page
    another internet koan as it seems
    anyway for Lola and Apurva a new link is added hope this time works
    otherwise a will call Horacio ...

  4. please leave a message if the new link works ok ...

  5. Downloading the file now. You need to do it a couple of times to get it to work. Many thanks! Apurva from Pune, India

  6. Vous devez attendre avant de télécharger ce fichier.

    i'll try again later :)

  7. Nauma merci very much beaucoup heel erg bedankt!!!

  8. ...take it as a small gift in return for the many wonderful things you post in your blog LolaRadio
    I'm your fan you see..

  9. Ah, such words make my day bright and sunny. Thank you! The respect is mutual, as i am your faithfull follower the moment i discovered 'the spear'.


  10. Great album, thank you for posting it - I always love to hear Africa Negra! And thanks tfor the link to Lola's tape too (and to Lola for posting it!)

    But am I the only one confused by the track listing? Your ZIP lists the songs in the same order they were on the original 1984 LP (based on finding it listed here); the photo of the back of the CD which you included in the ZIP has the tracks in a different order (and only 9 of them!); and when I listen to them I hear a different order again! E.g. track 4 is supposed to be 'muala di be cuami gabon', but the words make it very obvious this is really 'Madalena meu amor'; or track 6 which is supposed to be 'gina me mu mole' but sounds more like 'um mece punta txi'. And so on...

    Is it just me?!

    Cheers, David