Friday, September 21, 2012

Francis Bebey the magician

In the beginning there was nothing.No light ,no darkness either. 
Nothing except boredom,which Nyambe,the creator of the Bantu ,felt rather severly.
"What is to be done?"he asked Imagination one day.

The answer was:"Built yourself a sanza!

When you start playing it,you'll see boredom run away by itself".

So Nyambe built a sanza and plucked a note on the keyboard. 

That first musical sound ever heard came out with the sun which carried the light.

Another note created man followed by his wife and numerous children
 who soon populated the earth.
That is how all human beings, black and white,red and yellow,were born of the sanza.
And again today,any time you produce a sound on a sanza keyboard,
 a new child is born somewhere in the world.

Le site de Francis Bebey 

African Sanza 

new rip in 320


  1. Thanks for this gem!

  2. Beautiful, many thanks!

    Great to see you back!

  3. Thank you Nauma! Thank you thousand times!

  4. Btw, a very beautiful and rare guitar solo album from Bebey is available at my place:

  5. Hi there friend - the link seems to be broken for this. Is there any possibility of a re-upload? A thousand thanks


  6. Also, does this contains some of the same tracks as the 'Psychedelic Sanza' album?

  7. 16/10/2016
    fixed link-I'm sorry for the delay
    one common track with Psychedelic Sanza:
    Africa Sanza