Sunday, September 16, 2012

Djeneba Sidibé

But it’s the Wasulu musicians who are artistes. Everyone can sing in Wasulu. We don’t have 
jeliw here; everyone sings. They brought artistry to music. Otherwise, before us, all there was 
were jeliw . . . But the Wasulu changed that. We said, “You don’t need to be a jeli to sing.” 
It’s not true. Now people have started to see the difference. They said, “Hey, we can sing for 
fun, too.” It serves something for us. It erases nostalgia. You have fun, you wash dishes, or 
the laundry – you have fun with singing. It comes like that [naturally, without effort]. You 
emit warmth or anguish that you have. Sometimes you sing and you cry, you sing alone and 
you cry. You just express yourself, your anguish, you know?

Samba Diallo 

some of the sweetest sounds on earth naturally come from wassoulou land
like the next  3 from (new ? ) songbird  Djeneba Sidibé


thanks ngoni

even more than the performance I  love audience's smiling  participation


  1. Well everything is new when it is unknown but Djeneba Sidibé had flown enough when did this song in 2006, she had published at least two albums before (at least that I knew).
    But "Wass music" withstands the test of time.

  2. Djeneba...
    this faboulous wassssss music
    Pure energy!