Friday, December 30, 2016

Fernando Sofia Rosa

Son of Elisio Sofia Rosa and Marquinha Rosa, Fernando Sofia Rosa was born in Ambriz, Bengo province, and lived in Samba neighborhood in Luanda. In 1963, he joined the Ngongo Theatrical group, founded by José de Oliveira Fontes Pereira. With the group participated in a tour to Portugal, where they recorded a program for television.The recordings of Sofia Rosa, started in 1970 for the label of Valentim de Carvalho, and he was accompanied by the ensembles "Os Corvos", "Os Astros" and "Ngoma jazz".
 Sofia Rosa was one of the best creators and interpreters of music in the Kimbundu national language, translating the pulse of  poor people's life , into song. The songs of Sofia Rosa fundamentally address
 female beauty , homesickness, God, criminality, and social conflicts of the everyday life of the musseques.
He moved to Lobito in 1973. When in November 1975 the Unita forces took the town, Sofia Rosa, who had never concealed his sympathies for the MPLA, was murdered, probably by Savimbi's troups.

 A significant part of the work of Sofia Rosa was reissued on the cd "Memórias" in 2006, an edition of the program "Poeira no Quintal", of the National Radio of Angola,that brings together  his songs: "Ngala Ny Gienda", "Ngolo Binga Kuá Nzambi "" Maria Di Pambala "," Ngala Ny Nela Ya Xiquelela "," Issuma "," Kamba Uaia ", accompanied by the ensemble" Os Corvos "," Muku Tunda "and" Longo Long Logiami "with Ngoma Jazz. Finally, the recordings of "Kalumba", "Nguexile Mutunda Mu Sambila", "Kumulundo", "Imbua iolo Boza", "Makuanhadi ya mivu" and "Manhinga mami" had "Os Astros", as accompanying support.

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  1. Sofia Rosa is new to me and I enjoyed the music very much, thanks.