Friday, February 12, 2016

Another Spear Day

it was tempting  to present another compilation in the same vein
[to melt some snows there and bring Spring closer]
this was a warm week of work ,fun,memories and rediscoveries
the result is here,sure I enjoyed greatly doing it ,hope you will too while listening

1-Thione Seck-Momy.
2-Hadja Kouyaté-Kelenko
3-Bougouniere Diarra Sanogo-Pinia Mi You
4-Hedzoleh Soundz-Hearts Ne Kotoko
5-The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination-Amalinja.
6-Bwazan-An Ka Foli Ke.
7-Massaran Tènin Kouyaté -Fourou
8-Le Simandou de Beyla -Festival
9-Terakaft-Aпma Ymaпma
10-Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou- Karateka
11-Thomas Mapfumo-Hwahwa (Beer Barrel Polka)
12-Mbaraka Mwinshehe & The Morogoro Jazz Band - Sululu Ya Moro
13-Kaniba Oule Kouyaté-Kouilounikou
14-Ensemble Lyrique Traditionnel & Moussa Ngom-Senegambia
15- International Orchestra Safari Sound - Homa Imenizidia
16-Ouza et Le Nobel-Diriyankee
17-Dumisani Maraire-Yuwi Maiwe

Spear Another Day

+ the one left out :
L'Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti-N'do N'do



  1. It's even colder outside, but even warmer on the inside and the sun is shining thanks to this lovely mix. Thank you!

  2. omg those are really precious sweet and earthy sounds, some older some newer, some with a delightful tartness, too... thanks also, many years ago, for helping me with versions of the peanut vendor! right now just getting started -- long way to go

  3. After listening to this wide selection several times, I always ask me the same question:
    which is the link that makes genuinely African, all these so different artistic sensibilities ?

  4. By the way the right title for the Massaran Tènin Kouyaté song is: Tielasigui, or Tielassigui, as it appears in the published audio.

  5. Dear Nauma

    Please for the love of Shaka share again the two Mbube compilations that used to be on the Freedomblues blog! Believe it or not this music is impossible to get even in the central library of Cape Town, and many of us in South Africa can't access such material unless they are available at public platforms such as this.


    Siddiq Khan

    1. Dear LLJ
      long time has passed.I'm glad that you still remember my previous doings.
      the 2 Mbube records were ripped and stored digitally along with thousands of others in hard drives that were damaged and this material is quite impossible to be recovered.
      the only other way is to re-rip the originals,if I still have them in my possession
      and that's what I'm going to do(sooner or later)
      they will appear again from here.

      Peace to you too

  6. Dear Nauma

    Sorry to hear about your hard drives! Really hope those records do turn up eventually -- best of luck with everything and thanks for all the fantastic shares over the years!


    Have you considered transferring your blog to an independent platform which would not be liable to shut down on the whim of a corporation? There are options for free website hosting and domains, and it seems well worth it making the move if it will secure all the love and effort put into your projects. Just a thought...


    1. dear Siddiq

      I'm coming with good news,the Mbube records were finally found!
      they will be up within next week.

      as for the second part of your comment:
      I was considering seriously such an option 3 years ago when my previous blog was removed.This blog has a more cool philosophy about sharing and very few monthly posts.
      when a link dies(single mp3s in most cases),I refresh it only after is centered around my personal taste and love.I don't consider a site that posts obscure and mostly unknown stuff as a threat for the recording industry but the contrary .
      I know that what is important is not what i believe but what they think. I will take my chances and stick as long as it lasts,to blogger.I think that the world has more serious problems to solve.
      thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk a little about it.

      can I hope that you provide digital copies of the Mbube records to the central library of Cape Town,
      or any other place you can think so that South African people can have access to their heritage?

  7. Excellent! That is indeed exciting news Nauma, and I look forward to hearing them at last. It's a good idea about providing copies to the library I will certainly offer to do so - it's ridiculous how poorly represented our cultural heritage is in the institutions that are supposed to conserve them. All in all I can easily say that the vast majority of what I know about the best music produced by my own country came from far away sources such as your blog.

    As for what you say about this site, I only hope you can continue to do the world a service in peace and all the best in your venture!

  8. @nauma & Siddiq
    Interesting and satisfying conversation, we can only rely on individual contribution to preserve from extinction the world's cultural variety, it is heart to heart the only way, institutions in the least bad cases are to be guided by interests of the majority cultural in place.
    We must each use the small force that give us new technologies, to generate the changes needed globally.

    Thank you for sharing sincerity.

  9. So I had an in-depth discussion of these things with the librarians in Cape Town and basically they won't accept any electronic copies of this music because that would constitute 'piracy'. This is besides the fact that many similar records were irretrevably remoed from public access when the cebtral library got rid of its ENTIRE vinyl collection because, apparently, LPs are an 'obsolete format'!!! No attempt to digitise a single item from this lost collection -- much of which will never be re-released, was made. Clearly it is as Ngoni says, 'we can only rely on individual contribution to preserve from extinction the world's cultural variety'.

    With that in mind, I'd like to offer two records I recently digitised. They are from Hugh Tracey's 'Sound of Africa' series, the first documenting the guitar music of the Tonga and Hlanganu, the second the traditional music of the Venda and Tsonga. Both are definitely worth a listen.


    Lastly, can anyone please help me out with a copy of the album that was available here

    I loved it at the time but somehow it dissapeared from my collection and now is no longer available on electricjive :(

  10. @Siddiq
    Truly libraries have a way of thinking obsolete, so others have to do the job.

  11. Finally getting around to listening to this, great start to a Sunday morning, thanks!