Saturday, January 30, 2016

a Spear Day

that was a necessary rehab ,oh well ...
for  now ,music that the world must listen without another delay :)
Classic tracks to celebrate everything nice that  life is offering us
[constantly and abundantly]....enjoy

01-Binta Laly Sow-Super laly
02-Bonga -Dia kandumba
03-Vijana Jazz Band- Ujirani Mwema 
04-Jeff Louna-Paulina Mineure
05-Mamou Sidibé- Musoya
06-Myrian Makenwa - Amampondo.
07-Armand Pascal Lido & L'Ivoiro Star-Dogbo Zo N'Wene
08 -Captain Yaba- Tedose
09 -Sadio Sidibé- Soninko
10-Moussa Ngom-Bakann Bi
11-Babani Kone -Badoua Den
12-Totó La Momposina & Djanka Diabate -Mami Wata
13-Ebo Taylor-Maye omama
14-Zaida Chongo-Miela Ncata
15-Tchinina-Canga Té
16-Lia De Itamaraca - Nagô, Nagô
17-Super Diamono de Dakar-Faleme
18-Baaba Maal-Baaba

Spear a Day

+ the one that didn't make it to the file

Baaba Maal-Seydou Nourou Ba


  1. excellent compilation thank you

  2. Thanks for the advancement of spring, real vitamins for the soul.
    Only one thing was missing, there was not a Sonraï song as promised header photo.

  3. Thanks for cheering up a cold Mongolia with this wonderful selection. Spring is still a long way away here, but this music sure helps!