Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saida Karoli

Saida Karoli was born on the 4th of April 1976 in the Northern part of Tanzania within a small region called Bukoba. As a child, Saida lived in the small village of Rwongwe in Bukoba. Her culture did not permit girls to sing or play drums but her mother, who was also a musical figure in the village, encouraged her and taught her the essentials of music.
At the age of 20, following the death of her mother, Saida continued doing what she knew to do best - make music. Her humility, patience and good sense of humor make her a great and vibrant personality.
As a singer, composer, dancer and drummer, and within a short period of time, Saida has become a much sought after female artist all over East and Central Africa.
She has staged live shows in almost all parts of Tanzania, and has been on several successful tours in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Uganda, Kenya and Zanzibar. Her artistic musical talent, which is filled with tradition, has captivated the diverse cultural audiences and her mellow singing voice continues to earn her a place the hearts of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
She sings predominantly in Haya (the language of the Haya ) as well as Swahili. However, even those who do not understand this language have been touched by her unique voice and the crisp quality of her music. Her sources of inspiration are social values, the rural culture of  Tanzania and that of its neighboring countries, as well as the condition of human society.
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  1. Quelle voix rafraichissante ! Merci bcp
    What refreshing voice! Thanks a lot

    1. please please please can we have more? this is beautiful music
      we must have refill,

    2. j'ai découvert une voix ravissante quand j'étais en mission de maintien de la paix au Burundi en 2004.;;;;;;qu'elle face des tours du côté Ouest de l'Afrique centrale. Elle sera la bienvenue