Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ramata Diakité

let's close this small wassulu -pop presentation with beloved ,ever missed
 and always remembered   Ramatu 



  1. Ramata Diakité in the heart forever.

    Nauma thanks, and thanks to Ramata of course, such a sad affair as slavery is presented in the album with such optimism, than she tells us the only way to go in the future, turn to joy, well done Ramata.

    This album is something different from the previous ones, is closer to the rock, but also we listen pure wasulu rhythms, Ramata and musicians are in harmony, the result is fantastic.

    I would like to know the full staff, Ramata names (Bakary?) Traoré, (Prince?) Solomani, Amadou Bozo, Kassim Sidibé, Sayon Diabaté.

    One of the keyboard players have Segou style, perhaps Maha Touré?
    Does anyone have more information?

  2. This is a very nice album! Thanks Nauma. I have (I think) another by her, but she is names Ramatou Diakite. That is on CK7. Is this one also a CK7 job?


  3. Ah, I see now on Wikipedia that it is the same singer on both K7s. Is Djonya another CK7 album?


  4. Djonia was released as all her first 4 albums from Mali k7.
    this version is a digital one given to me, a long time ago by a good friend.

  5. Well, if I'm not mistaken, MALI-K7 distributed (only within Mali) the first four albums of Ramata Diakité on CD, [Artistes (95) Na (98), Confirmation (2000), Djonya(?)] but only two of them were recorded in the Bogolan Studio, Artistes and Djonja (maybe from 2004), were recorded in Ivory Coast.

    In 2003 she recorded in New York, the album Maba, a World Music album, absolutely devitalized, then it seems that she released a mysterious album called Sigui, later (in 2005 ?) Camara Production released the album Maban, mixing the album Sigui with a few songs on the album Maba (a cassette with twelve songs and bad sound), Idance recorded in Bogolan Studio was published in 2006, her last work, Burutumu was recorded at "Studio Mali" in 2008.

  6. Thanks to both Nauma and Ngoni for that info. It's very interesting to me to know who produced which albums and when. Very little is mentioned on K7s or even CDs issued in the west.


    1. @The MG
      The date, the order of the albums where it was recorded, are important information to understand the style and evolution of the artists, for me even more important is to know the names of the musicians, sometimes there are great talents in the shadow of the stars.
      Amadou Bozo was the guitarist who worked more assiduously with Ramatou or Aramata as they used to call his countrymen, unfortunately for the guitarist his name is little known.
      What's worse is that today, with digital sales, the distributors have lost the good habit of selling music, along the data.

  7. I will not delete the comment again, but there is a new update !

    In Camara Production Maban album, are six songs from the CD Maba (four songs have the same or similar title and two are with the title changed).

    Maba brings 8 songs, Maban brings 12 songs.
    The DVD of Maban, bring 6 clips (5 from Maban and 1 from Maba)

  8. Hello Nauma, any chance of a re-up please? Best regards...