Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mah Kouyate (n°2) & Madou Camara

hello again 
djeliya and spoken word on a magic carpet woven with ngoni and guitars
from one of the greats,Cheick Fantamadi Diabaté dit Fimani,
with Adama Kouyaté djembe and Drissa Diabaté on kora....bliss


thanks RB


  1. good to see you back, and returning in style with this one :-)

  2. Mah is a fabulous singer!
    as fabulous as unknown

    Note : ReeBee (aka Baba Moriba Cissé :)
    is also a fantastic guy!

    Greetings for both

  3. Apart from being an excellent interpretation, which I find amazing is, that art Fimani had, to get that live sound, with a studio recording.

  4. That is a fabulous song & a wonderful sound - full of life and energy, a lovely 'transparent' recording achievemnt. Thanks for this one!