Monday, August 19, 2013

Le Sahel




  1. ÔÔh Nauma!
    I love this song
    "It's a man's world" version?
    No, is better!!!
    It's a song's world

    With the usual tasteful

  2. I thought you will post the whole LP Bamba, maybe next time

    1. Falilou, while still patiently (muugn)waiting for that album, can you summarize Khandiou text please, it seems an interesting story, but I can not understand it.

      Also I found an instrumental version with the name of this song played with xalam.

      I love the organ of Cheick Tidiane Tall and the sax, I guess Thierno Koité.

    2. Khandiou is a story of a lady who lives in a village. She has a best friend called Ndate. They grew up together, played child games together and everything. A day came when Khandiou's father, who happened to be the chief of village implemented a rule that all the young ladies of his village should be married now and if any of them is found not to be a virgin during the wedding night, she will be killed. Knowing that Khandiou lost her virginity before marriage, she came to Ndate who basically pretended to be Khandiou so that her life could be saved from that terrible punishment. A while after, Ndate successfully got married. Years passed by, and in Khandiou's village, there were prosperity and abundance while in Ndate's village drought destroyed everything. So, Khandiou used to help Ndate during that time until one day she said she couldn't keep on feeding her whole family every 2 weeks. Knowing this, Ndate send her daughter to tell Khandiou that when she lost her virginity she was the one who came to her rescue. Hearing that, Khandiou went straight to the well to commit suicide. As a result, Ndate did the same. That's pretty much the story behind this song.

    3. Merci xarit, dieuredieuf.

      What a terrible story!
      Now I understand why I felt the tragedy listening this song, Idi Diop is very tragic recitng, but this time I felt the weight, but could not understand.

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