Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mr.who you be, Mr. who are You

Fela Kuti from 71 and Sierra Leone's Afro National band from 73
2 versions of  Highlife Jazz Band's (under Fela) original - Mr. Who are You ?

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  1. RIpping good stuff. Thanks! The Highlife JB's original here is the same track as released on "Fela's London Scene" in 1971. Now I'm just curious. Was this just a reissuance of the Philips single from '67?

  2. Probably not, now that I think of it. Doubtful that a 45 would have 9 and a half minute song. So now the question begs, how does the earlier single version compare to this '71 version. Have you heard it?

  3. I've been searching high and low for the ghost 45 even for a listen to no avail,gil .My guess is to be of the highlife standard of the era,closer to the koola lobitos sound of 66, 4-5 min max that its original idea was reworked and expanded for the London scene lp.