Thursday, June 13, 2013


Afar,Tigre and Saho songs of  love and  resistance

chants d'amour et de résistance

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  1. Enchanting! It's like hearing a new version of Hugh Tracey, out in the field. The simplest of musical means - voices, clapping, drum - yet there is variety in the music (and I enjoyed the occasional 4-beat rather than 2-beat song!). Track 16 appears to be a local poet (or maybe what would be a griot on the other side of Africa?) rather than the traditional songs which fill the rest of the disc?

    But which are resistance & which love songs? Which are Afar, which Tigre and which Saho? While enjoying the variety on the disc, I find I cannot 'organise' the music into those categories! I shall have to find the CD & see if the notes tell me!

    Thank you for such a lovely record