Monday, January 7, 2013

Philip Tabane and Malombo - Malombo

let's venture into this new year with a very special guest
beloved guitar sangoma-healer and Artist (all with capital letters) Philip Tabane
that finally deserves  global acknowledgement in this life for his groundbreaking work
(visit the link below for discography)

Malombo the album is a remarkable journey of musical discovery 
with Philip Tabane uncovering both old and new worlds from deep within the unique
open-ended sound that is Malombo music 
In these eight songs he winds through ancient African melodies
and rhythms whilst using his electric guitar,flute and the dark hum of his voice
to endlessly refine the traditional sound for a contemporary audience.
However his sweeping improvisations
are locked into devastatingly simple African songs structures,
held together by the Malombo drums
carved from the roots of the baobab
and draped with cowhide....

from the back cover

Philip Tabane and Malombo - Malombo 
first released as Malombo from Kaya records-Kaya300-1984
this pressing  Kijima records  1988 


Philip Tabane- guitar  vocals and flutes
Oupa Monareng -malombo drums
Fish Phale-assorted percussion
Thuli Tabane-additional vocals

Amos Lebombo bass
Alpheus Koloti additional flutes 
on Sangoma and Hi Congo

a discography at flatint



  1. Nauma, Thanks for relentlessly raising the global cultural IQ. Fortunately, I got this one on vinyl a while back, but I saw this had no comments, and I hope people are not missing out, because, as you and I know, this is the deep shizzle. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Fo shizzle feels lonely sometimes
    but always feels good to know that WE know
    thank you Sun Ira!

  3. Original, strange and amazing music! Thank you!!!!!!!

  4. would love to hear that great malombo disc...but packupload isnt workin it seems....anyway to reup with other link??...apppreciate your effort and great blog!!!

  5. packupload is not working today but will work sooner or later
    if it persists I will add another link .

  6. hi am a composer i would like to use vocals of this legend even if i can get pure snipets how do i get access please any info contact 072 899 6867

  7. i l ove y our site, and your taste in music. i am downloading everything that is here
    for long joy i am sure

    ps thank you for sharing yr sound vision

  8. Amazing! Thank you so much!

  9. My greatest memories are when I sang with you Nkosi nkule Mgatla Thabane. Big love to you.