Sunday, January 27, 2013

Memórias Artur Nunes

 its only sad that there is so little information on the net about such giants as Artur Nunes .
all I could gather in bits and pieces:

Artur Nunes  was born in Barrio Cuba, Sambizanga in 1950 to an Angolan mother and a North American father
More than a legend in his time,Artur Nunes was the angelic voice and one of the most influential composers in the  pre-independence days of  revolutionary Angola.
His songs drew inspiration from kombas,the  funeral rites where women sang laments… His unique style for “songs of the soul” earned him the nickname, “the Spiritualist.” From 1972-76, he recorded a dozen singles, plus two songs on the 33rpm collection Rebita 75.
He perished in Sambizanga in the aftermath of  the May 27th, 1977 unfortunate protests .

Artur Nunes material is fully presented in this  collection from Colecção Poeira no Quintal,a project launched by Rádio Nacional de Angola,
all the 26 songs he recorded from the late 60's through the 70's with these backing bands:

01-Os Merengues-Imperialismo
02-Jovens do Prenda-Anangola Yá Dila
03-Jovens do Prenda-Uá Eu Muangola
04-Jovens do Prenda-Kalumba Kami
05-Jovens do Prenda-Kizua Ki Nguifua
06-Jovens do Prenda-Mana
07-Jovens do Prenda-Tia
08-África Rítimos-Ku Zambizanga
09-África Rítimos-Minha Rola
10-África Rítimos-Hó Kitadi
11-África Rítimos-Ngongo Tolo Mona
12-Jovens do Prenda-Mena
13-Jovens do Prenda-Nguma

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01-Jovens do Prenda-Ngola Tua Itambula
02-Os Kiezos-Ho yó Monandengue
03-Os Kiezos-Chico
04-Os Kiezos-Dituze
05-Os Kiezos-Jota
06-Jovens do Prenda-Laura
07-África Rítimos-Não Sei Porquê
08-Os Merengues-Kubanza Kua Anangola
09-Jovens do Prenda-Zinha
10-Jovens do Prenda-Ku Muxito Kwala Anangola
11-Jovens do Prenda-Mukila
12-Jovens do Prenda-Belina
13-Jovens do Prenda-Njila Yá Kuako

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if you have more biographical details to contribute please welcome


  1. THANKS for this collection! I have one album I downloaded long long ago that includes some haywire digital voodoo, so it's great to have everything.

  2. Do you know where I can find some of his music ? I tried to dowload some, but it is very limited. Do you have any you can share ?


  3. ppduss,the 5 stars above,under the tracklist are links to his music-enjoy..

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful music. I have a 7 inch with the wonderfull track Ku Muxito Kwala Anangola. And it made me curious for more. So thank you!

  5. I missed this, before, and found your collection after discovering Belina on Youtube (in inferior sound). Thanks very much for this! What a voice, what a manner.

    And his death, what a waste.

  6. could you possibly repost this? link is down..

  7. thank you so much. you're the best. patiently waiting.

  8. links have been updated 14/9/14
    enjoy hakametan and all .....

  9. you are the best person using the internet.. obrigadu

  10. First CD is great

    Link for the 2nd CD (blue tracks) is expired

    Could it be renewed ..... please :-)

  11. In place the day after my birthday. Great.

    Thank you my friend :-)

    Bests from Dag