Saturday, November 24, 2012

more wonders

more wonders from the Fulbe queen that stole our hearts

Ganda Fadiga with Inna Baba Koulibaly: Asigan da koye

Inna Baba Koulibaly: Barou djenga niadia

thanks   mela & ngoni


  1. Ooooh!
    Another song from the Queen!
    Walay Fulbe !

    In Asigan da koye she is singing to Oumou Dilly, a known Wali(holy person) born in the town of Inna Baba, Dilly, the grandmother of Cheikh Sidy Modibo, a famous Sufi saykh of the Qadiriyya.

  2. She never appear in the MTV awards
    ... even in the Tamani d'Or
    but very few will be able to get close to she
    For me it's more than a queen
    she's a goddess of music & beauty
    I love I love I love

  3. Beautiful, the second song (Barou djenga) and the flute adds a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you for the introduction to the Queen!