Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fadouba Oularé

a great master of the djembe  from the rich,cultured  soil of Faranah/Guinea:  

Fadouba Oularé was the first Guinean djembefola to be recognized around the world.
Fadouba was born in 1936 in Sankaran at Koumandi Barnatou in the subprefecture of Bendou Cérékor,
40 km from Faranah. From an early age, his relatives went to consult a sorcerer,
who learned that Fadouba would be a great drummer who would travel around the world.
His father Youssouf Oulare was a drummer so Fadouba learned from him and accompanied him
at festivals. At the age of 15, Fadouba was the best drummer around and his reputation grew rapidly.....

Fadouba died on 26 January 2010. He was one of the grand masters in the true Malinke tradition of the djembe as well as the ballets. He had a virtuosity and a series of his own created strokes that added colour to his playing, yet his playing embodied the old world of djembe. His presence commanded respect and admiration. His loss was strongly felt but he left an indelible mark on his peers and on all his students and fans around the world.

from his portrait over at  djembefola.com

a laser role for  Fadouba Oularé,but I urge you to watch  next video  anyway :

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