Friday, October 19, 2012

Ibrahim Hamma Dicko-Gao


  1. Some time that I not listened to this group, sound really good.
    I can recognize the voice of Bintou Alzoumagat.

    Ibrahim Hamma Dicko: chant
    Seydou Baby: calebasse
    Ami Adada & Bintou Alzoumagat: choeurs
    Hasseye Sarre: violon
    Sidi Toure: guitare
    Baba Salah: guitares,basse

    with gratitude to Ali Farka Toure

  2. I had not paid attention to the word "revisited"
    ... but fortunately "someone" warned me.
    Your magic fingers (& ears & good taste & respect & etc...) makes real miracles!!
    [Sorry to be so cryptic]
    A billion thanks