Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Antoninho Travadinha

“I heard the sound of the violin and I began searching who was playing it . 
It was there in the font , a small man, almost hidden, but his music was fantastic”.
from João Freire's memories

Antoninho Travadinha was one of the greatest violinists that ever came out of  Cabo Verde
and his name is still revered  among the next  generations of musicians at home and in diaspora.
Travadinha was born on the island of Santo Antão to a music family:
father violinist and seven brothers who played the violin.He  was participating to the local balls with his rabeca since he was nine, despite the objections of his father.
Besides the violin he played wonderfully well the viola(12 string guitar) the cavaquinho and  violão;
his  interpretations and improvisations  on the traditional mornas ,coladeiras and mazurkas had a unique style
Due to his humble social status the recognition of his talent was not easy:
Travadinha had  to wait until he was  40  to start becoming  little known as a musician,
particularly after 1981 and this thanks to  a visit  to Portugal 
where he was "discovered" and promoted by João Freire .

With the help of Associação De Amizade Portugal - Cabo Verde
his only record whille living,Feiticeira De Cor Morena was released in Portugal in 1986 and was welcomed  enthusiastically by the press and   music lovers.of the time....

Travadinha died few months later, in 1987....

for the record:
Antonio Travadinha: violono,viola de dez cordas,cavaquinho
Armando  Tito:violão solo,viola dez dez cordas,cavaquinho,baixo electrico,chocalho,reco-reco,voz
Ildo Ramos:violão
Ana Firmino :voz