Thursday, February 27, 2014

Days and Nights...

in Port Sudan بور سودان

Musa Adem - Days and Nights
(an Ali Farka's brother from the Red Sea port ?)


'As Samaaka' Band - Inta Feenak ya Adawi


Friday, February 21, 2014

Seif Salim Saleh & Abdullah Mussa Ahmed

this rare flower (rare,for its beauty )
is sending fine scents of Indian Ocean rich cultural dialogues  and cosmopolitan Swahili  auras
from 1988  till today and on
-it can also act as a  medicine for the consequences of  any kind of (old or ) new barbarism -
surrender to its magic


Abdullah Mussa Ahmed: Ganoon
Seif Salim Saleh:  Violin and Ud
Salif Mussa: Duf
Munira Said Mohammed: Singer

ps:  more inconstant postings ahead,apologies to my friends....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kariakoo Sanaa

With 10 female and 13 male artists, Kariakoo Sanaa developed out of  the Zanzibar National Ballet in 1979. Due to cultural exchange programmes between Zanzibar and Guinea Conakry, the latter sent tutors to help establish the group. Performing a variety of traditional ngoma from around Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania, Kariakoo Sanaa is also the mother ensemble of most groups of
traditional music styles in Zanzibar.

Apart from performing ngoma, they produce different Swahili plays for stage, radio and tv . Most artists in the group have extensive knowledge of different  ngoma styles, including  obscure ones like the all women ndege and bomu. They are proud to feature Mzee Kheri, Zanzibar's leading ngoma drummer, and Asha Khatib, group leader and veteran dancer and many more excellent artists.
Instruments used during their sets include zumari (a wind instrument played by circular breathing), marimba, drums, shakers and ankle bells (njuga).