Monday, February 5, 2018

Ali Touré dit Farka



to me blue is just a color. 
My music came long before the blues was born


  1. He was a great man and still very open and friendly. Sometimes he lived close to me because his Dutch wife was a beautifull Amsterdam woman. They got some nice kids as well. I interviewed him once with Stefan Worldservice. Sweei memory...
    Thank you for this post, Nauma!

    1. His Dutch wife, one of his at least three wifes.

  2. by the way: Farka means donkey :)

  3. Thank you very much, very appreciated, I know the songs, maybe with another name, maybe I have the video.
    Ali Farka is never enough for me, I think he has accompanied me more than any friend, rest in peace my friend.

    I found the back cover, but not the credits of the accompanying guitar, nor of the njarka.

  4. a Great Man
    a Great Friend
    a Great Joy