Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Luo Roots - musical currents from western Kenya

neo-traditional Benga collection from the early nineties
focusing on Kapere Jazz Band and their collaborations with the nyatiti legend  Ogwang Lelo K' Okoth
and  with Paddy J Onono under the name of  Orchestra Nyanza Success
a certain success...

Kapere Jazz Band : William Owidi Jakapere, orutu (vièle), singer 
Polycap Otieno Ofuo, ogengo, singer
Nathaniel Ohindo, ariaga (bottle of Fanta), singer
John Ouma, nyangile, singer
Michael Owiti, singer.
Orchestra Nyanza Success : Paddy J Onono, guitare, singer
William Owidi "Jakapere", orutu ; John Ouma, nyangi le. 
Ogwang Lelo K' Okoth : Nyatiti

01-Kapere Jazz Band-Jadiyana Mageno
02-Ogwang Lelo Okoth-Jacob Omolo
03-Kapere Jazz Band-Nath Oindo
04-Kapere Jazz Band-Lando Nyajomere
05-Kapere Jazz Band-Amagy Lando
06-Kapere Jazz Band-Tuni Nyamwalo
07-Ogwang Lelo Okoth-John Wanga
08-Kapere Jazz Band-Samwel Adina
09-Kapere Jazz Band-Amisi Jamoko
10-Kapere Jazz Band-Akinyi Nyagi Essy
11-Paddy J Onono-Lynette