Friday, May 15, 2015



This is an opening segment for a tromba ceremony,
 in which ancestral spirits are alerted to the need for them to appear in the present moment.
 Specific spirits have particular powers, so a different spirit will be called
 depending on the needs of the particular participants at each tromba ceremony.
 Some spirits for instance are adept at curing particular illnesses;
 others resolve disputes; others give good advice, etc. 
Each spirit has a particular melodic motive, played on maro tady, to which she or he will respond.
 As this is the musical introduction to a tromba ceremony, 
Vinelo is performing much chanting in this segment
 in which he is communicating to and about the razana,
 the collective of revered Malagasy ancestral spirits.
 At approximately 4'30" Vinelo begins a deep breathy mode of singing called ndrimotra,
 a term which comes from the verb "to heal". 
At approximately 11'20" Vinelo moves into a different melodic motive.
 Here he would be beginning to invite a particular ancestral spirit into the present
 to affect treatment of an ill patient. 

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