Thursday, April 2, 2015

where do the ancient statues go,after ISIS demolishes them?

It was yesterday evening that I realized that the youtube channel of my friend Ngoniba ,is no more.Gone..
He didn't inform me and I was too busy to follow what was happening around.
The truth remains like a bad joke:1600 videos of (mainly)Malian and West African music treasures,many of them of unique historical value  have vanished since 2 months from youtube due to Africacable claims of copyright infringement for some of their videos .
I was  shocked  though very familiar with the new (web  or  out of the web) practices.
It was like bombing a whole city for hosting 3 terrorists,or a very similar tactic to what those criminals of ISIS do in Iraq.I wasn't missing my picture no!
Years of work and research have vanished with no good reason ,or I'm free to suspect   for a very good reason:
Real African culture (and Third World culture in general )is unwanted in a business system ( I won't call it a civilization,civilizations even the most barbaric have at least principles )  that promotes (scientifically and backed up with tons of money ) racism,sexism, materialism and their variations as their basic everyday drag .
there is no future for the human race in such a system.
but there is plenty of future out of it
I'm really sorry for them.

....and  I'm sorry for me too
for not protecting enough our heritage of those ancient statues


  1. Really enjoyed your comments, even if they weren't uplifting or cheery per se. Authentic people's culture, the kind that empowers people to resist hegemony, but doesn't necessarily make them want to BUY THINGS, is under attack, no secret there. Each one of us who embraces beauty and diversity in the human family strikes a blow for a different possible world. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Complete agreement with the above. The Big Important People think of it only as a merchandise they can hoard or let out for vast sums of money; and we're the ones who suffer when they do this. All of us suffer, not only the ones who know about what they've lost, but future generations that will never have the chance to experience this wealth of great cultural content.

  3. It is really sad. And yes, i think 'we' would bomb a city that harbours 3 enemy combatants.

  4. @Lolaradio It seems that with spring return the birds that we saw not long ago, is always a pleasure to watch them fly, welcome Lola.
    Please take no part in the propaganda of horror, it is an unfortunate fact, but we must preserve sites like this, mental waste.
    I found some friends had not seen in a while.

  5. Copyright trolling is a sad fact, and those who do it do not care about the things they are supposedly "saving" from "exploitation" by sites like this one, and Ngoniba's uTube channel.

  6. @spinning...
    Sorry, I think the talk of this post, is the intentional nature of the removal of cultural alternatives, erasing its presence in the media, to obtain an economic advantage, or an ideological purpose.
    At least in this case, is not a lack of care, that the damage repair was possible for the authors, and they knew, that they have been told, but this broke their plans and did not accept it.