Thursday, July 3, 2014

songs from the kingdom of N’Gabu

The Kaabu Empire (also spelt N’Gabu / Gabu) started as a westward extension of the Manding Empire. Its rulers were ordained into office by the king of Mali (Manding) but as Mali declined during the 15th century the Kaabu became autonomous. Among the western Mandinka who inhabit Senegambia, Kaabu was second only to Manding in importance and its ruling dynasty, who bore the title of Nyanchos, were better known, more respected and more jealous of their heritage than any other of the Western Mandinka dynasties. ......continue to an essential history lesson

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songs from the past to the future


  1. Thanks! That's wonderfully expressive stuff. And world's away from the over-produced French recordings of Mali griots that have become some prevalent over the years.

  2. thank you thank you!! this will be a great help for my continuing research...


  3. You can never post enough kora music! Keep up the good work

  4. In the last post, I wondered ...
    What kind of eclipse?
    Now I know, solar eclipse.
    The SUN is back !