Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sina Sinayoko

Originaire de Bankounmana, un village proche du fleuve Niger
Sina Sinayoko, avec son album titré Boula,
traduit l’art musical des chasseurs malinkés avec le donso simbi 

the instruments
Abdoulaye Diabaté- bolon
Djeli Moussa Kouyaté- guitar
Souleymane Doumbouyha - percussion

the voices
Sina Sinayoko - vocals
Diarra Keita
Maimouna Keita
Salimata Keita - backing vocals

a true work of love produced by Salif Keita
recorded at his Wanda  studio in Bamako
with his 3 sisters as vocalists
Boula is a  wonderful record and the only one  from this great storyteller

the  tracks that i  like most among all the  jewels 

not posting the whole record 
as.  its worth (and I guess it will be relatively easy) to find  a physical copy out there