Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dance of the fishermen

celebrating the annual  collective fishing 

Dimba Tamboura, Hamadou Guindo, Hamadou Tienta  & Naouma Danbélé


  1. These beautiful photos are of Bozo fishermen,the collective annual fishing is another activity, the river grows each year, and the margins are flooded, when the river is removed, leaving some pools where people fish by hand.
    This is a great celebration in San, near Segou.
    In Kela also celebrate this on a small scale.

  2. and the music is from some Fula of Mopti, as the 2nd image, the colored one shows.


    1. Yes I agree the appearance of the musicians corresponds to the Fula of Mopti, but the names of the musicians do not seem clearly Peul.

      The song talks of Tienaba, the Mythical sacred serpent of the Fula, who finished his journey in the Débo lake, a lake that annually is very low in the dry season.

      But unfortunately I can not understand what they say.


  3. I can confirm the song title "Danse des pecheurs" and the musicians:

    Premiere Flûte: Dimba Tamboura
    Deuxieme Flûte: Hamadou Guindo
    Tambour: Hamadou Tienta
    Calebasse: Naouma Danbélé

    And yes, even they' re fula, the linernotes for this song mention:

    "It celebrates the end of the big collective fishing that take place at the end of the year."

    The flûtes are made out of a piece of bamboo.
    it's been recorded in 1993.