Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou

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  1. This pearl has been recently re-released by Kindred Spirits. Download it, listen to it, then by it !

  2. Who owns the rights, these days? Last I heard, a host of people and groups were each claiming a piece of this.

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  5. There are many mysteries contained in this album, sometimes not know in which language are singing.
    As I have little time, I start with something interesting, the second voice in Walé, sung in Sonrai, it seems Ali Farka, Ali recorded this song with the title Nawiye.

    Also seems Farka, the second voice in Tarekh.
    About Apolo, this is a variant of a song of Berber origin, is very popular in northern Mali is sung to celebrate the birth of the first child (male), here to celebrate the arrival of Apollo to the moon, because a Malian worked at the NASA program in the time.
    I have a video with a version of this song of the birth, to illustrate the example, I'll look.

  6. wow Nauma. If the music sounds like the cover looks, i am very happy. Thank you very much

  7. Had forgotten to put the link, this is the song to celebrate the first child, which I think is the inspiration for the song Apollo: Diaryssé