Friday, February 21, 2014

Seif Salim Saleh & Abdullah Mussa Ahmed

this rare flower (rare,for its beauty )
is sending fine scents of Indian Ocean rich cultural dialogues  and cosmopolitan Swahili  auras
from 1988  till today and on
-it can also act as a  medicine for the consequences of  any kind of (old or ) new barbarism -
surrender to its magic


Abdullah Mussa Ahmed: Ganoon
Seif Salim Saleh:  Violin and Ud
Salif Mussa: Duf
Munira Said Mohammed: Singer

ps:  more inconstant postings ahead,apologies to my friends....


  1. I'm suddenly in Al Andalus...
    The same songs that always sound different, these tasty dishes, always with different flavor.
    This is the know-how, really.
    The balance and harmony, demonstrating the wisdom of a culture.

  2. no surprise as both genres come like distant brothers from the same Arabic womb
    there are threads
    connecting everyone with everything ,everywhere.
    from the obvious to the unseen
    it was always one planet and will remain so forever as it seems...

  3. Ahhh, this was my introduction to Taarab - - how wonderful to meet it again! Thank you!!