Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Afro-Arabian Crossroad-Music of the Tihama on the Red Sea

 Tibbal music from the Tihama coastal plain of the Yemen on the Red Sea
-recordings by Anderson Bakewell -
an African-Arabian  blend of   lyres, reeds and virtuosic drumming,
performed by members of the Akhdam, or better  "Al Muhamasheen" the marginalized ones,
the outcast group that has a certain reputation for sorcery,among others...

 you can read further, this article  in english and this in french,
about the social exclusion of the Akhdam


  1. Yessssss nauma, a very nice album from 1982; I have it, too.

    There's a CD out, with similar stuff, from the same recorder.


  2. and thanks for the article! amazing pictures...

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  4. the pictures you show aren't yemenis but african egyptian or sudanese and the instrument are from east and central africa