Friday, May 17, 2013


Kpelle people 

Cécé Kolié, lead singer(mélé létomu)
Foromo Onikouyamou, Guoguo Camara, Foromo Gbamou, Mariba
Lamassigui, Kokoli Haba, Germain Doparogui, Antoine Sagno 
(singers and instrumentalists)
Siba Fassou, pêle-kalon (chief of the pêle).


What must be done will be done.
Stay calm.
Listen to this majestic song.
The raffia is heavy .
The song is beautiful in the evening

The raffia is heavy (repeat).
Initiates and spirits follow the same path.
The initiates do not look behind them.
The raffia is heavy (repeat).
My friends, that’s what it is,
Even if the spirit forgets me, I do not forget him.
Pull, pull, my friends! Pull the song,
For the raffia is heavy.

Likala wuya


  1. What must be done will be done.
    Stay calm.

    : )

    Thank you!

  2. Very difficult to stay calm with this music!! I love Kpelle.
    Merci very beaucoup!!

  3. any chance of a re up on this one? the link has expired.