Wednesday, March 13, 2013

African Skies

welcome to the (timeless)
African Skies

Kelan Phil Cohran-harp, frankiphone, trumpet, congas, violin uke, guitar and flute 
Oscar Brown III-regular and piccolo string bass (bow), flute
Malik Cohran -guitar, string bass and flute
Aquilla Sadalla -bass clarinet, guitar, flute and vocals
Josefe Marie Verna -classical harp, trombone and flute


  1. This is truly magnificent

  2. wow a phil cohran recording i didn't know about. i know about his earlier recording.
    pete cosey played with him. so there is a strong connection to miles davis ( live recordings 1973-75) as well as sun ra. i justed watched a great home movie now available of sun ra live in oakland. sun ra is invisible throughout the performance but great close ups of marshell allen and john gilmore.

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful! This is certainly Spiritual Jazz in the highest degree.
    Thank you for this discovery!
    Listen & be entranced: