Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daande Lenol

"I’d just got back from France where I’d been living for five years, and I had no idea where my musical career was going. I was in shock after the death of my mother and I was simply there to see my family. Coming back down from the north with friends, we made a recording in Studio 2000 in Dakar. It went down well and gave me some ideas. We set up a first group called Wandama, which lasted for a year. I was still hesitating between staying in Senegal or going back to France and doing my own project, but I decided to set up the group Daande Lenol with which I’m currently travelling the world."

Baaba Maal from rfimusique 

Daande Lenol

and complimentary I urge you to (re)unfold straight away if possible  
these sublime moments of  Baaba Maal in a 52 minutes of "repertoire inedit" along with the
"living human treasure" Samba Diabaré Samb and of course Mansour Seck as always by his side.

thanks to BaabaMaalTV


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